This script is a simple tool to create and manage a database of releases. When set up and running, the script can be simply controlled by commands sent to bot via private messages.


Installation and usage

Download the script and move it to any location on your filesystem. Then open it in your favourite text editor.

Edit the Settings part at the top of the script source code.

Configuration variables are shown in the below table:

$dbfileAbsolute path to sqlite3 database where releases will be saved.

Example: /etc/globster/releases.db

$dbusaddrAddress of the D-Bus session for communication with Globster. Comment the line (#) to let the script take value from your system.

Example: unix:abstract=/tmp/dbus-X47loh59IQ,guid=d5dcec9511d7062467a016ff0000002e

$cmdprefixString of characters identifying commands. Assign any which can be sent via private messages or which the hub does not identify as hubcommand prefix.

Example: -!+

@hubsComma seperated list of Globster hub IDs where this script should run. Do not forget to enclose the list with brackets.

Example: (1,3)

To start the script:

cd /path/to/script

To run in background:

./ &



Shows help. Contents is almost the same as the below text.

releases [<category>]

Show releases. Category is optional if none is given, all relaeses will be shown.

Example: !releases Films


Show release categories.

reladd -c <category> -t <title> -h <TTH> [-d <description>]

Add new release. Unknown category is automatically added according to given related argument. Description is optional. This command is only available to operators.

Example: !reladd -c Films -t My Video -h XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX -d This is description of my video.

relmod <release id> [-c <category>] [-t <title>] [-h <TTH>]
[-d <description>]

Modify existing release identified by release id. Use at least one of the options.

Example: !relmod -d I have screwed up, this is the right description of my video.

reldel <release id>

Delete existing release identified by release id.

Example: !reldel 3